General Questions

General Questions
Implant will be rejected by the body?
As in some transplant produce antigens against refusal of the body is not possible. Implants for the organism is made of titanium material without any side effects. Fused implant may drop some reasons and not bone. Your dentist will place the implant again instead.
What is the lifespan of the implant?

The remaining 30 years without problems in the mouth implants clinically.

Which brand is better than the implant?

The patient has the implant which type and structure to use in your mouth to the physician to decide. Sometimes it may be necessary to use the same brand for different implant in the mouth. There are different brands and different design implant. Of course, the long-term clinical follow-up of implant brands should be preferred.

Why lost teeth, it is important to put in place as soon as possible?
When you lose a tooth right next to your other teeth will start to move and after a short period of time instead of the missing tooth shifts will occur. This is especially the case mouth side and rear district consists of more comfortable in your teeth. In addition, the upper and lower teeth need each other to perform to chew. But when one of the opposing teeth in the jaw instead of teeth missing teeth in the same zone begins to sprout.
These processes are extremely important issues. Teeth to shift, to move up or down when the slopes also deviations starts to form. In such a case the upper and lower teeth to one another will begin to change locations and angles. Sometimes the jaw joint problems and pain sebebiyette. Kaymalara is connected to another possible result is the jawbone teeth should be 90 degrees to the right positions in studs. During normal chewing teeth, a Jawbone of more pressure will be applied. After all the parts of the mandible bone melt and the previously healthy teeth loss.
Slides that are difficult to clean the gaps that occurs as a result of fields. This formation of dental plaque and tartar can create a favorable environment for. As a result of gum diseases and unexpected places for the formation of a bruise. Çalışılmasi different than usual and is formed in places where bruises are treated more difficult. In the end due to a lost tooth starts to move other teeth, and after a while it becomes an artificial tooth can also be placed. In many cases long after the orthodontic treatment and implant treatments but a treatment path by putting artificial teeth. For these reasons, instead of the bridge or implant teeth missing.
Bone graft?
The success of dental implants, the implant is to be placed, how much depends on the amount of bone. The reduction in the quantity and quality of bone gum problems, such as infection or trauma depends on a lot of factors. But today's techniques we can increase the width and height of the bone dentists. Some regions of bone destruction with special techniques and anatomical spaces (sinuses) doldururulur so that it would be prepared to sit out the implant. Before surgery clinical examination and x-ray by evaluating your needs whether your bone graft. This is a very important issue.
Bone grafts in General as natural, synthetic, or a combination of both materials are used. Usually we need in very small amounts. Approximately how much will be used again to the patient before the operation and should be given information about the price. Artificial or natural bone grafts used in increasing the amount of bone is the most reliable and effective.
The jaw bone in implant be done?

Implant will be placed in your jaw bone is weak in the region that the variation in artificial bone (bone grafts) stacked. On average, this artificial bone particles becomes real structure to the bone within 6 months. Also to be taken from another area of the mouth piece of bone implant and bone by putting the jaw area to be made sustainable.

When placing the implant will be pain?
Dental implants are placed into the jawbone under local anesthesia. Therefore, pain during the operation. The effect of 3-4 hours after surgery when you can feel the pain of anesthesia.
This level of pain is subjective is not in pain so as to dayanılma. Your doctor will advise you to reduce this subject to the aches and pain.
Implant dentists can?
All over the world and in our country, trained to implant dentists. Implant training is provided with various courses or university-based education.
Implant is a topic that is very meticulous and detail. Requires continuity in education. Many in our country successfully implant dentist. This training abroad or in our country about dentists taking themselves too geliştiriler. Now that is an integral part of the General implant dentistry.
When you want to make your evaluation of implant another issue that you need to complete the sterilizasyonun. You will do in an environment where a successful team and sterile implants from your mistake will use for many years.
Who will not be able to use the dental implant?
Not good oral hygiene, teeth, bone brush too impatient and expect implant treatment on the significance of the implant to patients who don't understand.
Apart from some systemic disorders which cannot be contained in with diabetes, too much alcohol and cigarette users, pregnant, hemophilia patients implant is taken. Radiation therapy (5000 grad later) and two years in patients receiving beklenilmelidir.
People who have blood-clotting disorder, he took steroids for many years, and still they can't get those who continue to receive the implant. Previously a huge amount of bone loss could not be done in people with implants. But nowadays the mandible BONE GRAFTS and implants can be made suitable implanta.
Implants will be considered for care?
First of all, your oral hygiene is very important. How is it that important to your natural teeth. Otherwise, as you lose your natural teeth, you will lose your implants. İmplantlarınıza your teeth and gums, your own if you don't score from bacterial attack a meticulous said not dişetlerinizde swelling, redness, bleeding begins. It followed the loss of osteoporosis will continue until the destruction of the implant.
If you have your own teeth in your mouth with the implant, bruise and gum problems in the first place in deposits on occurs when you lose them, too.
You already decided to have the implant as a person of similar importance and you give to yourself, you can easily başarabileceksiniz the issue of hygiene consciousness. A little training will be given by your doctor and routine checks that you would be a smooth implants with disease. Another important issue is smoking. Especially after the recovery operation will affect in a negative way, it is necessary to smoke.
Dental implants treatment phases to be placed?
Implant consists of two phases of treatment. Surgery phase and superstructure phase. Implants surgery is expected to average 2 to 4 months after you place it.
This wait time "osteointegration" mandible implant called the time required for biologically with fusion. This later phase will be completed in a week the average upper construction phase
Why dental implants?
Dental implants placed in bone tissue in the region, contributes to the function of mastication to prevents bone loss in that area. What this means? Have you taken a female show aggression when the tissues of the bone melting in the region. This is a physiological meltdown that we don't want. If the dental implant is applied to that area immediately after you take that bone loss occurs. So for lack of bone loss in that area is not visible and aesthetically much more at the gingival with excellent results.
The shooting of any option that preserves the amount of bone implants. The biggest feature of the implant is not checked for any operation in the adjacent teeth. Normally, when a bridge gap you fixed your two female neighbours must be cut. Implants are made of a space and side shooting in just two teeth never touched
Implant After Must Be Considered?
Implant will be stitched wound after operation implantlı you cannot use the zone alone. Sometimes the implant operations made seamless and, in these cases, you should not use that area too.
After surgery your doctor will give you some drugs. Use them on a regular basis, with a special brush to clean the wound area that belong to you care. Ice pack will prevent to the bump. You should provide for special operations district brushes your doctor. Brushing the wound, the next day, you start in the way proposed by hekiminizin.
Sometimes gum because stitches in place unwanted tissue, can be seen during a recuperation sections that haven't been filled. The controls are interested in that area during simple interventions can be.
1 week after your stitches and 3-4 months is expected to make teeth on top of the implant.
Color changed root canal tooth does separate it
Channel tedavili method as a tooth bleaching our home or office live teeth bleaching does not apply. This is a classic method we call BLEACHING INTRAKORONAL teeth ağartılır. With this method, lifeless to bleach the teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry is very important in planning. Increasing patient expectations, the continuous development of techniques, materials used and dürtüklemektedir. Esthetic tooth has some solid rolling out accepted calculations. Case should be applied to that extent rules. In some cases, even though it's hard to explain to our patients, these rules are the result of years of research and scientific data mining has emerged.
Dental aesthetics is important when patients do nothing to mock up of what we call candles a 3-dimensional modelling. Have you ever received from the patient before you begin with the necessity to have a measure of how of the case in accordance with the planning on the computer model. This model is the patient's mouth with some special temporary material is applied and how it could be in 3D. Scientific implementation of the patient to be transferred to the model of rate of a certain time and requires the use of special materials. Is the special design and the cost is higher compared to normal crowns.
You use the substances can have side effects?

Many other scientific studies under the supervision of a dentist applied to all methods of nondestructive and side effects of bleaching.

Whitening hears pain during the process?

In the process, and can be a little sensitivity in two days that followed. This is a transient state.

Whitening operation how long?

With half an hour to one hour whitening procedures usually takes between. People of advanced color process 2. or 3. Sessions can be continued with the application of whitening agent.

Whitening which situations are made?
Oral hygiene in individuals with bad first of all oral hygiene should be improved. Deposits on free and dent have concerning structural defects (amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta) do not respond to bleaching process. Some drugs are sensitive to light. Last listed by the FDA in 1990 ( this can be done in consultation with your doctor if you are taking medication medicine writer. The teeth bleaching tetracycline stains next size method has no effect.
Overload-smoking individuals difficult patient associations. Of course, the basic color of teeth. An excessive amount of smoking alone in the failure to complete the oral hygiene case nicotine stains accumulate in your teeth again. These patients are a dental cleaning every six months may be required. Thus, the actual color of the teeth booked utilizer occurs. These types of cases are home bleach ingle can be supported. Whiplash, broken, cracked, bleaching is performed in people with sensitivity. Gums are too much and most of the stem exposed people is generally difficult to bleaching.
How white my teeth?
Your teeth are actually subjective answer to how much beyazlayacağının. Only 2 or 3 tone color creates a positive change in your smile opening. How much of the tooth color is opened, there is no answer. The difference in each of your natural tooth shades. All of your canine teeth darker tone. Be more specific, your incisors in the front group of your molars is canines and incisors of a color. Bleachingde purpose is to catch personal natural whiteness. Bleaching agents are used to introduce 8-10 tons are said to be the color of your teeth is opened. In fact, this means that the opening of the main 2-4 tons.
The structure of your teeth whitening with your current color, application technology affects the outcome. Today, techniques that can get beautiful results. Everyone has dentition and the color is different is not a uniform Whitening results.
Toughness from how white?
  • When you come to the first randevuye clinic and if necessary radiological examinations.
  • Your healthy gums, especially prior to whitening.
  • Dişetleriniz is not healthy is done the necessary treatments.
  • Gingival inflammation and diştaş there is not necessarily the treatments are ended.
  • To begin the process of bleaching.
  • Ago gums gum protector are applied.
  • 35% after a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth one by one.
  • 15 minutes light is applied.
  • After gel is applied to the second 15-minute light source and refreshed.
  • A total of half an hour after applying gel to clean the light source, is applied to some products for precision operation is finished.
  • Color dark teeth is 2. sick again after 15 days for a session is called.
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